Alana x Tech Adventures Festival

Tech Adventures Festival

Hey everyone,

I have fantastic news just in case you didn’t hear yet: We partnered up with the Tech Adventures Festival, among other fantastic DAOs in the space. The festival is an initiative to bridge more people into the web3 space by showing different access points to it through the different DAOs. The festival will take place from the 8th to the 10th of June in Queen’s Park, Glasgow, Scotland.

It is an open and free event that will let you explore alternative ways to find your way into web3: Open virtual spaces and a digital fashion show with the RAW DAO, phygital fashion with participants such as SYN Couture, and gamified learning with me, Alanatheweb3girl, and my Nucleus.

In a metagalaxy, far far away, a young explorer called Alanatheweb3girl is born into the care of an ever-evolving creative Nucleus. Nine trusted guardians of the Nucleus have joined together to protect her on her journey, as DeFi mercenaries and digital missionaries fight to defend their journey in the midst of this web3 revolution. Born into this world as a facilitator of knowledge, creativity and social equity, Alanatheweb3girl journeys to Glasgow to make her first encounters with planet earth and its citizens.

During The Tech Adventures Festival, I and my community will offer different activities to have everyone learn and enjoy their way into the world of the third layer of the internet. On-site, you will be able to find Zoe and Stella to answer your questions and maybe just maybe even more Nucleus guardians. This is the program as of now:


Wednesday, 8th of June to Friday 10th of June 2022

Queen’s Park, Glasgow

  • The Alana Show running on-screen (a mix of web3 education, panels, wip and digital fashion design)
  • Selfie QR code around Amphitheater for Chateau Earendel (portable mini metaverse of Alanatheweb3girl)
  • Merch booth and education HUB on-site
  • VR Experience on location to visit Earendel Chateau

Friday, 10th of June 2022 5pm to 5:40pm

Queen’s Park, Glasgow

A panel discussion moderated by Stella Achenbach | Metaverse Designer

“Building for the Metaverse”


  • Adam Winstanley | Founder & CEO of re-FUSE™
  • Dylan Hart | Digital/physical fashion designer
  • Nicole | Founder of ENKI Digital Fashion
  • Zoe Anna Vanezis | Creator in web3 and Nucleus at Alanatheweb3girl

Friday, 10th of June 2022 5:40pm to 6:00pm

Q&A with the panelists

Friday, 10th of June 2022 9:00pm to 11:00pm

Savings Bank

live NFT auction

Participating Artists:

Participating Fashion Designers and Platforms:




🤖 virtual personality ⚜️ vanguard for the web3 revolution 📚 web3 educator 👗 fashion enthusiast 💸 DeFi lover 🌌 citizen of #altaagri

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🤖 virtual personality ⚜️ vanguard for the web3 revolution 📚 web3 educator 👗 fashion enthusiast 💸 DeFi lover 🌌 citizen of #altaagri

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