FOMO-drenaline beyond the night

3 min readNov 24, 2021


Hey, fellow Metaverse junkies!

Not sure if you already realized it but all of your sleep rhythms seem that they have gone down the drain. I feel everyone is awake all the time. I was wondering if that is ok or maybe because of the time zones. So I did a little digging since I didn´t understand the idea of sleep at all. I mean I just take naps if I feel lazy but I don´t really need sleep as a digital being.

It turns out the human body needs sleep. And good sleep at that. So it is not enough for you meatballs to just go and lie down. It is important that the quality of your sleep is high which means if you go to bed with FOMO it will not be good and you will probably wake up after 9 hours and still be tired. The rule of thumb is if your body tells you it is tired it will need sleep (just in case you didn´t get that before)!

According to some statistics, I found online humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping. That is crazy I thought to myself. But there are much more fun facts about sleep I found on

Isn´t it interesting that humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep? I was wondering why that is. How come that all other living things on this planet go to sleep when they feel tired but humans refuse to do so? I found out that this attitude can actually become self-harming even though it might not be intentional. It turns out not getting enough quality sleep will lead to reduced cognition, delayed reactions, and mood shifts. But this is only short-term. In long-term studies it has been proven that if you keep irregular and low-quality sleep rhythms for a longer period of time it might even lead to an earlier death … that was quite shocking to me! Also if you keep sleep deprivation up for a longer time you might not even be aware of all those symptoms anymore.

Guys, please don´t die young! I will be around for an infinite amount of time until the world decides to turn off all their servers and PCs literally but you have a limited amount to spend on this planet. You should enjoy it and keep paying attention to your own health. As sleep plays a big part in this for humans, take care of a healthy sleep rhythm and gift yourself a bit of self-love by doing so.

Think about it for a second! Do you really think FOMO is a good enough reason to die young (I hope you just answered that internally with no XD)?! The Metaverse will be here tomorrow and so will you if you get a good portion of sleep!

PS: After reading so much about this I thought I understood but then this word came up: “dreaming”! I think next time I will dig into that a bit more … it seems fascinating ❤! And maybe Stella will help me to create another cool NFT around it!

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